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The 3 Best Podcasts for Intuitive Eating

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Podcasts are a great way to dip into the world of intuitive eating, or to dig deeper into specific topics related to intuitive eating. The best intuitive eating podcasts (IMO) to help you integrate the principles of intuitive eating and anti-diet approach into your life.

1. Food Psyche

Hands down my# 1 podcast! I ’ve been known to say if you want just one podcast to concentrate on, this is IT!! From the listeners questions at the opening with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN extremely thorough response to the inconceivable line- up of guests to ALL motifs covered in the arena of Intuitive Eating, Anti-Diet and HAES, there isn't one occasion that disappoints.

“The dietitian Christy Harrison’s inspiring show is one of the stylish coffers if you ’re intrigued by this size- inclusive movement; the show promotes a clean break from traditional diet culture and features interviews with guests who bandy how they ’re forgetting times of restrictive, unhealthy actions. Harrison’s approach is unapologetically radical, dismembering the ways in which diet culture is a ‘life pincher’ and how heartiness can give a bank screen for disordered eating. hear, and feel your perspective shift.”

2. What the Actual Fork Podcast

What the factual Chopstick podcast is a retired gem. I stumbled across this podcast at the morning of my transition into anti-diet and I was hooked. Sammy Previte and Jenna Werner are both Registered Dietitians that were trained, rehearsed and tête-à-tête veritably thick in diet culture, like myself, and after straddling the hedge for a bit made the gigantic vault into the anti- diet arena. The vitally important motifs ban died with moxie, the high-quality choice of guests, the occasional F- lemon (warning then) thrown and compassionate way of being that Sammy and Jenna encompass make this podcast a true winner!

Their charge is for all humans to believe that they're made for so much further than chasing a lower body. They're also then to partake with you that food can be delightful and enjoyable again. Although these ladies are medical professionals, they're mortal too!

3. RD Real Talk

Heather Caplan does a fabulous job bringing fellow Registered Dietitians to bandy timely and applicable motifs in the Intuitive Eating, HAES and Anti-Diet arena. The occurrences tend to be a bit shorter in length than some of the others (around 30- 45 twinkles on average) and I see this as a perk as I know I can get the information in brief manner, but it doesn't warrant the vital content.

This podcast is full of real talk about intuitive eating, and anti-diet, weight- inclusive practices in dietetics.


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